When Passion and Accountability Collide

So what really is accountability ?

There are many things in life to be accountable for;

For your attitude and behaviour

For things that you’ve said that you were/are going to do

For your finances

For your relationships

To your dog 🐶

The list is endless people , however, I’m curious about something...

How do you remain accountable to yourself, your dream and your goals ? How do you maintain stability so that your goals and dreams actually become a life thats motivated to reach above and beyond?

Its all about finding your passion. Something that excites your soul and becomes the air you breathe and the life you live


When someone finds there passion – their energy shifts, there soul ignites. There is a bright light that surrounds there aura and makes you want them around.

How many people do you know that are just settling for the basic life?

They have a job they like but don’t love, they often share that they don’t want to go to work, they are often fatigued and complain of not having enough energy, often withdrawn from social settings or events, have an energy when they are in the room that takes from others around them? We are all sitting at our computers, phones, iPADs or space shuttle thinking of one person right now, because we all know one. Do you want that for your life?


Start saying yes to the life you want to live. Start saying yes to yourself and your personal development to reach your goals – and start saying no to toxic people and energy that stop you from transitioning into the person you want to become.

Life is too short to say what if – the time is now, the present, to take full control of the life you want to live. Surround yourself with like minds with good energy and love and start committing and living the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Until Next Time,





Body Talk

How do we even begin to listen to our bodies speak to us and tell us what we actually need?

Be still, slow down and reflect – the first step is to connect, not only physically, but mentally and spiritually.

I know I know, you’re probably sitting there going – ??, where do i even start – and how do I even begin to connect with my body. The answer is simple; from simply not connecting, feeling ill, feeling run down and recognizing this starting right now. This is your first step towards establishing a relationship with your being as a whole. 

Stop ignoring the warning signs;

Reoccurring injuries

You continue to get sick – cough, colds, flus 


I speak from experience here – I am a type A personality with a lot of heart and mush, but I push. I push and push and push and end up sleeping for 13+ hours. Body Talk should be an every day activity and something you are constantly working on. Everyday is a day to commit to your goals to be present. Change is sustained from lifestyle habits and being committed to making these your lifestyle choices.

Short tolerance

Extreme emotional responses

Lack of patience for people in you life

Lack of motivation 


So how do we take care of ourselves the same way we take care of others? Self care. Here are some quick ways to start listening to your body talk. Congratulations for taking the first step to take care of the person in you life that should matter equally to everyone else you love – YOU ( Can I get a hell yah for Self care! )

Start a Daily Journal

This helps you to connect with yourself. Write down the peak and pits of your day. Write down your challenges, this will help you to continue to commit to reach your personal goals.

  • Write down one thing in your daily journal that you’re going to do for yourself. This could be to drink more water, eat clean, take a hot bath. Whatever it is, take the time out of your day for this self care activity. You are important.
  • ALWAYS write down one thing in the day you are thankful for. Staying in a positive mindset and energy is key to self healing.
  • You can also include a meal plan in your daily journal. The food we put in our bodies is so important to our overall health. DO NOT count calories (toxic), eat well, fuel your body. Eat Mindfully; Food is Energy

Recognize your Bodies Warning Signs of Overload

Our bodies are so effective at speaking with us, however; our consciousness isn’t. Life gets in the way, commitments, time lines and the people in our lives. Slow down, listen. Headaches, fatigue, feeling drained, sluggish, depressed?

Write down how you are feeling, see if you can start to make connections. Listening to your body on a daily basis is key – Nurturing your body and establishing a solid relationship between physical, emotional and psychological symptoms can stop you from the dreaded – BURN OUT. Burn out is real people. LISTEN UP!

Turn off: Meditate, Yoga it out! Dial in to yourself, Slow Down

It wasn’t until I started yoga that I actually felt like I was getting to know “me”. It brought up a lot of emotions and triggers in my life that I wasn’t dealing with or that I hadn’t recognized that I needed to deal with. When you push yourself to the edge, physically, emotionally a lot of garbage can show up on your mat. From self sabotaging, to family conflicts that you continue to not deal with to a situation at work – this one happened to me. I was in my final year of University and was completing my consolidation – I didn’t realize that my experience of the first loss of a multiple set of infants on my shift had impacted me so much. I let myself experience it, feel it – grieve. When you let yourself feel what it wants to feel instead of saying, ” Oh no that’s not professional” or ” No one does that, thats weak”. We all know these people and throughout our professional or personal lives, have experienced this to some degree. Do you know what is weak though? Denying your soul that ability to feel what it needs to humanly feel. This is strength, it is powerful and it is beautiful. How empty it must feel to go through life feeling absolutely nothing.

Turn the lights down, put your phone down and connect to yourself. Connect with me if you would like some guidance on where you can connect with others to get some direction with meditation or resources to start.


Remember what I always say – One deep breath, one present breath, is a moment of meditation

Listen to your Gut – Literally 

Intuition exists people. Its not part of that new age trend that everyone speaks about. Its been around since human existence. Feel it, listen to it. Let it guide your life. Never put yourself in a situation or make a life decision if your soul isn’t 100% invested.


Have a “ME” Day 

Be selfish- and don’t feel bad about it. Go have your favourite meal, stay in bed until 12. Let yourself indulge.

Self care is the catalyst to success in your life and you have to give to yourself in order to get.

Love your body, Love your mind and love your soul. You are beautiful. 


Until Next time,







Motivation; literally the desire to do something.


It’s the difference between waking up before the sun ( or to “beat the sun” as Grant Cardone would imply) and laying around house all day, on social media with phone in hand.

Motivation is the critical catalyst to creating and following through with your goals – so why are we able to commit 100% at the beginning and fizzle out towards to end into old habits?

I think there is a misconception when people choose to actively develop goals – some people are remarkably aware of certain patterns of behaviour that they possess, others have no idea who they are, and let alone why they are doing the things in lives that they are anyway – completely MIA mentally.

I truly believe that most motivational speakers, inspirational quotes – Pinterest photos, and Netflix specials are all paved in good intention for people to aspire to succeed in life, however, there are a ton of misconceptions out there, giving false hope to the quick fix.

When it comes down to it, there are only 3 simple rules to engagement while sustaining motivation for outcomes of success.


(Or Microsoft Word if you’re fancy..but print it out, make sure its in your space)

Be specific. Use a time line, be realistic. You’re not going to make a mil overnight. You’re not going to change patterns of behaviour that you’ve had for 30+ years in this universe. Good things take time.

Realistically set 3 goals that you wish to attain in 6-12 months, and WHY you want to reach these goals. Be present, be realistic and understand why you wish to make the changes in your life that you think that you do – not because Tony Robbins was on Netflix last month and you watched the entire special after 3 consecutive 12 hour shifts and everything at that point was life changing… ( been there… but this guy is totally inspirational!!!!)

Don’t get emotional about it – have a clear mindset when you are developing these goals and do not falter.




Be accountable for you. Your endless self sabotaging patterns of behaviour, shitty attitude and feeling sorry for yourself.  Change takes self awareness, self awareness takes commitment, commitment takes accountability for your behaviours – see where I’m going?

You have to work on knowing who you are, knowing what you want – and knowing what you like and don’t like about yourself ( here lies the key to growth as a human being…) – this is where things may get uncomfortable – but remember, here lies self awareness, a quality that you will develop, that will play a key factor in not only your motivation, but connection with others – all key roles in the outcome of success. 

A lot of people are not interested in speaking about or being committed to changing behaviours or attitudes because they truly believe that there is nothing to change or work on. They become those “victims” of the world where they place fault on everything else being the catalyst for failure other than themselves.



You should constantly be working towards being the better version of yourself not only for yourself but for everyone in your life that you care about and love.

Stop the self entitlement, stop playing the victim. Get honest, get uncomfortable and work on purging that garbage in your head. Forgive yourself and move on.

Attitude and how you treat yourself and others is crucial to your future success.  


And finally…


Your inner circle of friends and family are everything. And I include family, because sometimes these relationships can be the most toxic relationships you’ll ever have in your life.

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with,” entrepreneur and motivational speaker Jim Rohn.

Think about that one for a second – you are exactly what you consume, food, exercise AND that includes energy.

Not everyone has to be a saint, they just have to have depth, awareness, be supportive and show you love in the good and the bad. Give you direction when you need it, and encourage you to push through the garbage that life throws at you when things are just muddled and tough.

This is your tribe. I know, because I have one. Love them hard, be there for them as they are for you. Show endless support and it shall be reciprocated. Good humans won’t bring drama into your life – they’ll tell you to end those toxic relationships that take the good out of who you are. They’ll be honest, realistic – and won’t let you deter into fantasy land or victim playing. You’ll continue to reach and develop further goals and successes because these people won’t take take take take take

Find some good human beings and love them. Embrace them – let go of toxic relationships and focus on being the best version of you for your tribe and loved ones.


And totally get a dog while your at it.. life changing. 

Until next time,

H.E xo


So I’ve been MIA –

Its been awhile.

I’ve missed this, I’ve missed reaching out to people. I’ve missed having the opportunity to connect, to change a mindset, mood or perception on life, family, love. 

To catch you up – life is life. I got sucked into what most westernized cultures do –

WORK WORK WORK WORK WORK ( Is Rihanna playing in your head right now? I know you totally were singing it…)

But aside from that, I’ve started a new journey that I am pretty excited about.

Ive committed myself to a fitness journey, an emotional journey, and a journey to find the best version of myself – and there is more news to come..

For now, I think it may be important to address something that I’ve done for the past year when it comes to myself, my goals and my well being –



Whether its because, ” I had a long hard day at work” or ” I had a fight with my significant other, ” Or i’ll do it tomorrow”, human beings in general are terrible at self sabotaging our goals without even being consciously aware. There it is, we are so present with others, giving to others, that we are consciously depriving the love and commitment to the most important person in our lives – OURSELVES !

I am BIGGGGGG on nurturing yourself, your soul, your heart and your whole self – WHY? Because this is where the catalyst to change occurs. Its all about Self Love ❤️

I stumbled across this article this morning and thought it appropriate for all of us Fitness Junkies on our journey:


Loving yourself isn’t as easy as we think it is. Most of us are actually quite mean to ourselves! But it’s important to get along with yourself and set yourself up for a positive, impactful future.

Since self-love is the key to escaping self-sabotage, we need to understand how exactly we do that.

“For starters, it’s important to be patient with yourself. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither will your confidence be! Take your time and enjoy the journey.”

“Talk kindly to yourself😊. You are the one person you’re stuck with for the rest of your life, so why are you going to bully yourself? Talk to yourself like you would talk to your mom or your best friend. Tread lightly while being honest with yourself. Don’t use negative language and harsh words. “

Breath deeply.😍 Seems silly, but deep breathes are an awesome cure for a lot of anxiety. When you can sense some self-sabotage in the works, breath it out!

One of my favourite yoga teachers on the planet said to me one day when in discussion about meditation, ” Hill, one deep breath is meditation, remember that. You are actively and consciously making the choice to take that breath, recognize it, feel it, you are present and that is enough”.

“Acknowledge the sabotage and own it. 🙌Learning to recognize when you’re falling into your self-sabotaging ways is crucial. If you’re aware of the issue, you’re more likely to be able to take the necessary steps to kick those thoughts to the curb.”

OWN YOUR SHIT. Be accountable for your choices, behaviour and how you treat yourself and others. You didn’t work out because because because, own it – learn from it , move on – and rock a workout that will kick your ass. 😩

“Learn from yourself. 😛You are such an interesting human being! Take this journey as a time to learn all that there is to know about yourself. Figure out why you do the things you do and why you feel the way you feel.”

Start a journal, write down things that urk you, things that distract you from your goals – work on them.


Time to end the self-sabotage people and get your ass in gear.
It’s more than just a physical change, its a psychological and emotional change – its a life change.

If you want to get uncomfortable with yourself and be spiritual present, I’m always happy to talk to you about my journey with meditation and spiritual awareness.
There is goodness is the world and its inside of you all.


Feeling like self sabotaging? Reach out to me, I believe in you and want you to reach your goals and aspirations in life. I wont give into your excuses, I will encourage and support you through the best and the worst.

H.E xo


Note: interested in the self sabotage article at its fullest? Excerpts taken from: http://bohemiancrossroads.com